If you are all new to webmail’s and stuff. Then don’t take a lot of stress on your head. Because we have got a solution for your problem. As the heading says this article will be containing all the essential information you need to know about webmail.

And in this article, we will be starting with what is webmail? And will also take you through different things you need to know like how to access it, what is the e-mail server address and lastly about how can we set up this Optus webmail.  

Optus webmail?

Before directly going in to the Optus webmail. Lets first make our job of understanding it easy by knowing about what is webmail. In simple words webmail is the thing that people can use to access their mail from any computer nearby.

And this can be done with the use of internet connection and a browser as well. This will allow you to send, receive, save or delete the mails. And don’t forget you could all these with only the mails that you receive from Optus e-mail account. 

How do I access webmail?

Accessing a webmail can be a piece of cake for you if you follow the given steps.

  1. The first thing you must do is to take some use of your web browser and jump into https://www.example.com:2096 and here example.com will be your domain name. also remember that you have use the URL with https:\\. This is said to minimize the possibilities of some unknown person knowing your account details or reading the text sent to you.
  • Now you could see the webmail login page where you could enter the details asked and can get logged into it.
  • The first thing they would be asking you is the e-mail address of the account that you are willing to access.
  • And the next one will be asking you the password of the e-mail account you would be wanting to get access of.
  • You will probably know the next step. And that is to hit the log in button.
  • Now you can select the webmail application you would like to use. And then you can click on the enable autoload and then webmail will be doing the work of loading the selected application automatically the next you use webmail to log in into the same account.

What is the Optus email server address?

When you will probably want to get such information, you have a need to get connected to it first.

  1. You must first get the windows set up. This section of it will be providing the users of it with the supported version of windows. The ones which are supplied by Optus will be provided and also the information to get set will be given.
  • The previous one focused on information for DSL users. This will be telling about what modems are present for the ADSL users. The PC users will certain kinds specifications for getting or becom ingeligible for the customer support from them. The thing additional to this is that the ADSL model modems of yours must be approved by Optus network.
  • You could get the system requirements and other stuff related to it find in the internet. Follow them and also check out that yours has them or not. And there are also modems and filterspecification so, pay attention towards that too. You also must note down thatthe operating system should be in the version of English language.

How do I set up Optus email? in Mail for iOS (iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch)

Setting up things for IOS is not the same as setting it to other stuff. So, check the steps given below and make your work easy.

  1. The first thing you must is to go tap on the home button. And you could go forward and click on the settings.
  • Now you must click something from mail, calendar or contacts.
  • The next step is to select the Optus net account from your phone. And not any account select your email account. Now you can check the email address of Optus net in the address field.
  • Check if the password of Optus net of yours is correct in the password field, if you have any doubt.
  • Now the device of yours will be trying to autodetect the incoming mail server address. And it will also do the same with the user name of the email account. If your mobile starts doing it then you could skip the steps 6,7,8 and directly go into the 9th one.
  • Go ahead and check if the email protocol type is set to POP and if it is not then you must do the job setting it up as POP for your Optus net email account. 
  • You will have a thing called incoming mail server heading and under that, you need to do the following. So, there click down mail.optusnet.com.au. and don’t enter this where ever you like it shouldbe done at the hostname field.
  • Now you shall be entering the Optus net email username in the field which asks username.
  • Now get a bit down and then check under the outgoing mail server that the hostname field will be holdingmail.optusnet.com.au. Also note that the remaining fields except for that should remain empty.  

 Now the last step for you is to click the save button which will be at the top right-side corner of the screen. And this willalso enable you to save any sorts of updates that you have made.

How do I set up Optus email? in Microsoft Outlook 2010

The previous 10 steps focussed on how get Optus mail set up in IOS. And if you are a Microsoft person then the steps showing below will be of use for you. Check them out.

Open up your Microsoft windows 10 and now open the mail in it. The next you will have to do is to select the accounts button on the screen. And as soon as you click it, you will be finding a ten add account. As soon as you see it, just click that up.

  • As soon as you click on it you will be seeing various types of accounts like google, iCloud, other account and advanced set up. Do you see all of them? If yes, then go ahead and click on the advanced set up button. 
  • When you will go into the advanced set up. You will probably get your sight on 2 different types. One will be named Exchange Active Sync and the second one that you see will be internet email. So, click on the internet email button.
  • Enter both email address and username in their own fields.
  • Then enter up your password.
  • Think for an account name that you can remember and set it.
  • Click you name at the sent messages using this name field.
  • In both the incoming and outgoing email server click mail.optusnet.com.au.
  • In the account type dropdown menu choose the IMAP4.